Project CoNect is a non-profit organization dedicated to empower individuals to bring happiness and successful living into realization by offering educational programs that teach practical life principles. We, at Project CoNect, also strongly believe in and practice cooperative economics and networking.

Project CoNect seeks to establish strategic relationships with entities that provide youth and adult services. Through partnering, we provide skill gap education and life skill programs based upon our Five Pillars for Success.

We teach that a successful and prosperous life is achievable no matter what one’s  present circumstances may be. We believe that through participation in Project CoNect’s programs, one can learn applicable skills that will guide them to success and prosperity and become productive contributors to the wellbeing of their
families and community.

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Project CoNect,  Inc.

P.O. Box 198207

Chicago, IL 60619


Project CoNect’s vision is to train minds to transform ideas into success.

• Community Theater & Play Writing Workshop

• Community Carpentry Workshop

• Oil and Acrylic Painting

• Graphic Arts and Design

• Music, Recording and Performance

• Ballet, Gymnastics and Modern Dance

• Video Editing and Photography

• Public Speaking

• Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

• Think Tank for HUMANKIND Technology

• Hydroponic Gardening